Publications and deliverables

CertifHy 2: Publications & Deliverables
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CertifHy 1: Other Publications

The publications below summarize the CertifHy outcomes in formats such as folder or presentation style. They present clearly the following topics: definition of green hydrogen, the guarantee of origin scheme and the implementation roadmap. 

CertifHy Folder: First EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Green Hydrogen

CertifHy Presentation short

CertifHy Presentation: Introduction

CertifHy Presenation: Definition of Green Hydrogen

CertifHy Presenation: Definition of Green Hydrogen, Outcome and LCA Analysis

CertifHy Presentation: Guarantee of Origin Scheme

CertifHy Presentation: Implementation Roadmap

CertifHy Endorsement Letters

Executive Summary and Roadmap