CertifHy™ contributes to and promotes the sustainable production of hydrogen for all types of uses including energy, transportation, chemical conversion, heating and power generation, hence providing environmental, social and economic benefits.


Our CertifHy™ Certificates scheme grants a tradable value to renewable and non-renewable hydrogen. It is therefore essential that the CertifHy™ Certificates scheme is reliable, accurate and verifiable. Controlling the information and the accuracy of the CertifHy™ Certificates is of critical importance.


The advantages of CertifHy™ Certificates are economical, marketing-related, technological oriented, and they will also increase the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. CertifHy™ Certificates will create demand for renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.


Here you can find our latest news, presentations, events, videos, documents among other materials related to the CertifHy™ project, our consortium and the different stakeholders.


CertifHy’s™ mission is to advance and facilitate the production, procurement and use of non-renewable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen, fulfilling ambitious environmental criteria as well as decarbonization objectives, in order to protect the climate and improve living conditions.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, CertifHy™ GOs can be issued, traded and cancelled anywhere in Europe with the ambition to make the scheme available outside of the EU in the future.

CertifHy™ GOs are Non-Governmental Certificates. Member States may wish to develop their own Hydrogen GO registry and Issuing Body and only accept GOs issued under art. 19 of RED II for disclosure purposes, in which case CertifHy™ GOs cannot be used. CertifHy™ advises to use National GO Schemes where available. However, CertifHy™ GOs may contain further information (such as CO2 emissions) for which an Independent Criteria Scheme (ICS) will be available in case a market participant wishes to add data to a GO issued under a National GO Scheme.

CertifHy™ developed CO2 emissions allocation methods in collaboration with its Stakeholder platform for several production pathways. Please contact us at certifhy@hinicio.com in case you need to address a new production pathway which will be studied (study budget to be discussed based on complexity).

A CertifHy™ GO expires automatically 12 months after the end of the production period for the related production batch.

CertifHy™ GOs can be issued after registration as an Account Holder and registration of your Production Devices on CMO.Grexel. For more information, please see the section “How to become certified?” and our price list.

CertifHy™ GOs can be traded and cancelled after registration as an Account Holder on CMO. Grexel. For more information, please see the section “How to become certified?”.

No, CertifHy™ GOs cover origin, like electricity GOs, as well as greenhouse gas intensity, including all upstream emissions up to the point of production (“from well to gate”). For applications such as mobility, also the greenhouse gas emissions related to hydrogen transport and dispensing need to be considered. In this case, hydrogen suppliers use i) CertifHy™ to demonstrate the environmental qualities of hydrogen production together with ii) other systems (such as CO2 offsetting) for covering emissions downstream of production.

No, CertifHy’s™ aim is in the first place to create a European scheme: i.e. to have GOs throughout Europe with the same data fields, procedures, quality assurance, etc. to ensure harmonisation i) enabling cross border trade of GOs and ii) creating customer confidence. We understand and acknowledge that MSs may wish to develop their own Hydrogen GO registry and Issuing Body. CertifHy™ is offering the possibility for MSs to take advantage of a European solution for their national stakeholders.

No, CertifHy’s™ objective is to make a robust tracing and tracking system for hydrogen production with regard to various parameters: production technology, place of production, energy sources used, financial support received, etc. Moreover, to satisfy the need for market liquidity expressed by industry we developed two labels: “CertifHy™ Green” and “CertifHy™ Low Carbon”. These labels do not have to be followed and policy makers / traders / NGOs could develop their own labels (e.g. limiting supported production plants, certain electricity generation technologies, GHG emission thresholds, or including other criteria they deem relevant e.g. having local assets, etc.): CertifHy™ can ensure the robust tracking of any pre-identified feature or characteristic regarding production (well-to-gate), chain of custody (e.g. in application of mass balance requirements), and use (e.g. in relation to sector specific targets).

Currently, CertifHy™ is still a project, financed by the European Commission and run by a consortium of consultants, research institutes, a notification body and ICT providers. Nonetheless, in 2021 CertifHy™ intends to become a legal entity as a next step in order to allow binding commitments with regard to compliance and continuity of services.  Moreover, CertifHy™ is an observer within AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies, managing the Renewable Electricity and Gas GO Schemes in Europe), a first step towards full membership, which will ultimately allow CertifHy™ to issue AIB recognized GOs as a Voluntary Scheme.