CertifHy supports the sustainable production and hydrogen for various applications, including energy, transportation, chemical conversion, heating, and power generation.




CertifHy schemes grant a tradable value to renewable and non-renewable hydrogen. We closely review all information to ensure that certificates are reliable, accurate, and verifiable.  


CertifHy has developed an interactive learning platform and leads informative master classes to help Economic Operators and Certification Bodies navigate the complex realm of hydrogen and e-fuels certification.


Discover and register for upcoming events that keep CertifHy connected with our stakeholders and the broader hydrogen and e-fuels community. Such events include interactive trainings, plenary sessions, and stakeholder meetings.


CertifHy’s™ mission is to advance and facilitate the production, procurement and use of non-renewable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen, fulfilling ambitious environmental criteria as well as decarbonization objectives, in order to protect the climate and improve living conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CertifHy NGC certificates can currently be issued, traded, and cancelled anywhere in Europe, though we ambition to make the scheme available beyond the EU in the future.

While CertifHy offers Non-Governmental Certification (NGC) certificates, Member States may wish to employ their GO registry and Issuing Body. If Member States opt to only accept GOs issued under Article 19 of RED II for disclosure purposes, then CertifHy NGC certificates cannot be used. CertifHy advises using National GO Schemes wherever available. However, CertifHy NGC certificates may contain additional information, like CO2 emissions. If market participants wish to add data to a GO issued under a National GO Scheme, they may deploy the CertifHy NGC Scheme as an Independent Criteria Scheme (ICS).

In collaboration with our Stakeholder Platform, CertifHy has developed methodologies for calculating and allocating CO2 emissions produced via various production pathways. Please contact us at platform@certifhy.eu with questions about new production pathways to be studied.

CertifHy NGC certificates automatically expire 12 months after the production period ends.

CertifHy NGC certificates can be issued after signing up as an Account Holder and registering your Production Devices accordingly. For more information, see our price list.

CertifHy NGC certificates can be traded and cancelled after registering as an Account Holder.

No, CertifHy NGC certificates cover origin (like electricity GOs) and greenhouse gas intensity, including all upstream emissions up to the point of production (“Well to Gate”). For applications like mobility, the greenhouse gases associated with hydrogen transport and distribution must also be considered. In such cases, suppliers can use CertifHy schemes to demonstrate the environmental qualities of their hydrogen production, coupled with other systems (like CO2 offsetting) to account for downstream emissions.

No. CertifHy’s primary aim is to create an EU-wide scheme. In other words, we seek to institute GOs throughout Europe that share data fields, procedures, and quality assurance mechanisms so as to ensure harmonization, enable cross-border GO trade, and create consumer confidence. We acknowledge that Member States may wish to deploy their own GO registries and Issuing Bodies. CertifHy offers the opportunity for national stakeholders in Member States to benefit from a European solution.

No. CertifHy’s objective is to develop a robust tracing and tracking system for hydrogen production along various parameters: production technology, place of production, energy source, financial support, etcetera. To satisfy the industry’s need for market liquidity, CertifHy has developed two labels: “CertifHy Green” and “CertifHy Low Carbon”. These labels, however, need not be followed and policy makers, traders, and NGOs can create their own labels that include other criteria they consider relevant (for example, strict GHG emission thresholds or asset localization). That said, CertifHy can ensure the robust tracking of any pre-identified characteristic related to production (well-to-gate), the chain of custody (e.g. as applicable to mass balance requirements), and use (e.g. in relation to sector-specific targets).