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CertifHy’s™  mission is to advance and facilitate the production, procurement and use of non-renewable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen, fulfilling ambitious environmental criteria as well as decarbonization objectives, in order to protect the climate and improve the living conditions of humankind. 

CertifHy™ contributes to and promotes the sustainable production of hydrogen for all types of uses including energy, transportation, chemical conversion, heating and power generation, hence providing environmental, social and economic benefits. 

CertifHy™ has developed high-quality hydrogen certification schemes addressing consumer disclosure (from well to gate) as well as RED II target compliance (from well to wheel). 

CertifHy™ ensures that the certification schemes meet a high standard of quality and provides the adequate framework for guaranteeing transparent information about the origin and environmental attributes of hydrogen. 

CertifHy™ created a stakeholder platform where producers, consumers, traders, issuing bodies, regulators and H2 focused institutions act together towards a common understanding of the concept of non-renewable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen and contribute to the continuous development of the CertifHy™ schemes.

Openness, reliability, integrity, quality and transparency are core principles of the CertifHy™ schemes and are fundamental for CertifHy’s™ relationship with its stakeholders.


A mature market for clean and low – carbon hydrogen so that the added value of these products can be economically sustainable.


Reach and facilitate the production, procurement, and use of hydrogen fulfilling ambitions  environmental criteria.