CertifHy supports the sustainable production and hydrogen for various applications, including energy, transportation, chemical conversion, heating, and power generation.




CertifHy schemes grant a tradable value to renewable and non-renewable hydrogen. We closely review all information to ensure that certificates are reliable, accurate, and verifiable.  


CertifHy has developed an interactive learning platform and leads informative master classes to help Economic Operators and Certification Bodies navigate the complex realm of hydrogen and e-fuels certification.


Discover and register for upcoming events that keep CertifHy connected with our stakeholders and the broader hydrogen and e-fuels community. Such events include interactive trainings, plenary sessions, and stakeholder meetings.


CertifHy’s™ mission is to advance and facilitate the production, procurement and use of non-renewable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen, fulfilling ambitious environmental criteria as well as decarbonization objectives, in order to protect the climate and improve living conditions.

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CertifHy Governance

It is with an unwavering commitment to transparency, balance, and adherence to the highest standards that we have designed our governance structure to align with the European Commission’s guidelines for EU voluntary certification schemes. This deliberate structuring aims to set the bar for accountability and integrity.


Transparency stands at the core of our governance framework. We ensure that stakeholders have access to pertinent information, fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect to allow an informed decision-making process. 


Achieving a balanced representation of interests is the goal of our governance model. Recognizing the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives, we aim to assure a fair election process and carefully select our Steering Committee members. Furthermore, our Stakeholder Platform is comprised of actors from the whole hydrogen value, with various backgrounds and expertise areas.  

Robust decision making

A robust decision-making framework has been implemented to ensure fair, comprehensive, and equitable processes that reflect a wide array of stakeholder interests. This balance is critical for fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. 

Our governance model

We believe that our governance structure offers a robust framework that will help our organization achieve its goals while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity. CertifHy® governance is composed of several bodies:

  • The Stakeholder Platform: The Stakeholder Platform is the highest decision-making body of CertifHy®. All CertifHy® Members are members of the Stakeholder Platform. The CertifHy Stakeholder Platform holds plenary sessions at least once a calendar year. Want to know more?
  • The Steering Committee: The Steering Committee is a high-level guidance and decision-making committee that provides strategic direction to and independent oversight of CertifHy®
  • Scheme Operator: The CertifHy® Scheme Operator oversees day-to-day scheme operations, coordination, and management. The CertifHy Scheme Operator coordinates the CertifHy Stakeholder Platform and Working Groups.
  • Working Groups: The Working Groups contribute to the development and updating of the CertifHy® They have a defined objective and are set-up and dissolved by the Steering Committee.

CertifHy® Steering Committee

The CertifHy Steering Committee consists of 15 representatives in total, with five coming from each of the following three stakeholder pools to ensure a balanced representation of interests:

  • Producers & Processors
  • Traders, Logistic Operators, and Users
  • NGOs, Research, and the Public Sector


10 Steering Committee member applicants from stakeholder pools (1) and (2) shall be elected by the CertifHy Stakeholder Platform by simple majority. 5 Steering Committee member applicants from stakeholder pool (3) shall be selected by the CertifHy Scheme Operator.

CertifHy Steering Committee members are elected or selected for a period that ends on the day of the first plenary session two calendar years after their election or selection. Re-election or re-selection is allowed.

The CertifHy Steering Committee elects a chair and a vice-chair that, supported by the Scheme Operator, convene and preside over all CertifHy Steering Committee meetings.

The tasks of the Steering Committee are as follows:

  • To convene the plenary sessions of the CertifHy Stakeholder Platform;
  • To set-up or dissolve Working Groups when needed for CertifHy schemes to handle specific topics;
  • To coordinate and validate internal results;
  • To finally approve or disapprove proposed fundamental and non-fundamental scheme document adjustments and updates ;
  • To exclude members. Exclusions must be reported to the CertifHy Stakeholder Platform at the subsequent plenary session.


The CertifHy Steering Committee is accountable to the Stakeholder Platform.

Public Consultation

The CertifHy schemes have been formulated in close collaboration with our Stakeholder Platform, which constitutes representatives from along the entire hydrogen value chain. As the regulatory and market landscape keeps evolving, we at CertifHy remain committed to continuously improving our certification schemes to best meet the needs of our clients and partners. To that end, we welcome feedback from industry players, certification bodies, and other interested third parties that may help us develop moving forward.

CertifHy’s full public consultation process can be found in our scheme documents. Check out either the CertifHy NGC Scheme documents page or the CertifHy EU RFNBO Scheme documents page

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