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Our CertifHy™ Certificates scheme grants a tradable value to renewable and non-renewable hydrogen. It is therefore essential that the CertifHy™ Certificates scheme is reliable, accurate and verifiable. Controlling the information and the accuracy of the CertifHy™ Certificates is of critical importance. As described in the chart here below, controls will be carried out by different actors, such as the Certification and Issuing Bodies.

CertifHy™ schemes are typically in Europe, however CertifHy’s™ objective is to go beyond Europe’s borders in the future.

Key actors of the Certification Process


In order to have a well establish system, Auditors ensure that the producers (production devices) comply with the CertifHy™ Scheme requirements. The auditors are part of a Certification body, which has a relevant accreditation to perform this activity.

The Accreditation body controls the quality assurance system of the Certification body. It increases trust in conformity assessment by ensuring that certification bodies have the technical capacity to perform their duties.

Any accreditation body in Europe – member of the International Accreditation Forum – is allowed to accredit certification bodies.

The issuance of CertifHy™ Certificates are under the responsibility of the Issuing body , this entity is under direct control of the Competent authority.

Transfer/trade and cancellation of hydrogen CertifHy™ Certificates are performed by the Account Holder in the CertifHy™ registry, after review by the issuing body.

Roles and responsibilities for key actors involved in a national CertifHy Certificates scheme