Certification Process > Lifecycle of a GO



Following the audit of the hydrogen production plants, production batches of renewable or low carbon hydrogen will be certified and CertifHy™ GOs will be issued. The life cycle of a CertifHy™ GO will encompass three phases: issuance, transfer & trade and use & cancellation.

To manage the issue, transfer and cancellation of CertifHy™ GOs, each production unit or supplier holding CertifHy™ GOs must have an account in the CertifHy™ Registry.

(*) A CertifHy™ GO automatically expires 12 months after the end of the production period. Expired CertifHy GOs can neither be transferred nor cancelled anymore. Check the detailed CertifHy™ GO Expiry procedure here.


Account Holders of the CertifHy™ scheme can register production batches and request CertifHy™ GO issuing from the Issuing Body.

Subject to the track-record of the Account Holder, Production Device and previous CertifHy™ GO issuances, a Production Batch Audit is required which is done by an approved Certification Body of the Account Holder’s choice.

The Issuing Body gives then clearance (or not) and a CertifHy™ GO is issued in the registry.


A CertifHy™ GO can be transferred from one Account Holder to another, independently of the physical energy flow to which it corresponded originally.

Transfers or trades can occur either within the country of origin or across countries in Europe which form a part the EU-wide scheme.

Transfers are initiated by the CertifHy™ GO owner, they are subject to review by the Issuing Body  time is reached.


The CertifHy™ GO is cancelled upon use in the Registry, either when hydrogen is consumed or converted into another energy carrier, so that it may only be used once for making a claim on the hydrogen consumed.

A CertifHy™ GO cancellation is triggered by the CertifHy™ GO owner through a cancellation request, including information about the claim for which the CertifHy™ GO is being used.

The cancelled CertifHy™ GO is then stored in a Cancellation Account for traceability.

The owner of the CertifHy™ GO can cancel a CertifHy™ GO until expiry time is reached.